The #2 Most Used Search Engine in the World: Is Your Business On It?

Sure, most business owners are probably familiar with the fact Google is the #1 search engine in the world but do you know which search site is the second most used in the world?

Think it’s Yahoo?


Think it’s Bing?


Guess what? Know that website with all those funny videos you like to watch on your phone with your friends? That’s right. YouTube is the second most used search site in the world. Now, how many of you actually have a YouTube channel created for you business? The importance of online video is huge. Even more, making sure you have you digital video distributed in such a manner which will yield your site more traffic is even more important.

So how can video help your business get seen and what are some of the advantages you ask?

Online Branding

It’s pretty simple. Most people do local business searches for products and services via Google whether it be on a desktop computer or their Smartphone. YouTube is owned by Google. Video is favored in search results over most other content and will actually show up in top keyword searches if optimized correctly. For example, this means if someone does a search for “Realtors in Piqua, Ohio”  via Google, and you have a website and YouTube channel optimized for the appropriate search terms, then your business branding could eventually take over Page 1 organic results, that is of course depending on quality of your videos, as well as how many your competition may or may not already have.

It’s More Efficient and Affordable than Most Traditional Forms of Video Advertising

Sure, back in the day a television commercial could go a long way in helping you draw in more leads for your business but being on TV isn’t necessary if you want to put together some great commercials for your business.

In addition to helping pull more traffic to your website by increasing search engine rankings, digital video is also very inexpensive to put together. It’s also much easier to gauge your success with digital video as you can review reporting data such as video views, viewer demographics and more.

The Sky is the Limit When it Comes To Creativity

The best part of incorporating video into your web presence is it’s fun. Yes I said. And if you don’t have fun making them then you should probably not even bother. The enthusiasm and hard work you put into a video will be evident to those who are watching. If you’re not going to put your all into then you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. People want engaging, relevant content to view.

So give it to them and try to have fun doing so.