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First Airstream “Planking” in the United States.

Thanks for stopping by the all new Michael Web

For those whoa aren’t already familiar, my name is Darrin Michael and I like to think of myself as an Internet mad scientist. Basically, I solve online problems for businesses.

These days, there are a number of awesome local businesses who have helped establish themselves as some of the area’s most successful enterprises. With that said, many of those who own and manage these businesses simply don’t have either the tech-savy know how or time to adequately create an online presence which meets their needs.

That’s where I come in.

From a pizza restaurant to a t-shirt company and more, I take pride in delivering a unique approach to every businesses internet marketing strategy.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more.

I plan to not only use this blog as a resource for local small businesses when it comes to developing their online presence, but also as a platform to keep folks updated on local happenings and more.